My Transformation from Junk Food Binges to Kale Loving Weight Loss Expert

I have alway LOVED how raw and real BodyRock and the DailyHiit is.  I admire how the team here isn't afraid to be themselves and pour their hearts out. So while I was sitting here trying to be creative and write a new blog post, it suddenly dawned on me that what I really needed to do -GET PERSONAL! I don't want you to just know me as "Ciara the Nutritionist" !  I want you to know WHO I am and WHY you can TRUST me. This is my Story. I live with my two daughters ages 2 and 10 in Toronto, Canada.  In 2003, after having given birth to my first daughter, I found myself depressed, 50lbs over weight and inactive with a major sugar addiction.  I hated how exhausted I always felt and I could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror. Prior to my pregnancy I was 115 pounds 5'3 and very active.  I went to the gym at 6:30am 5 days a week AND added a few spinning classes in the evening. But I did that for "vanity" purposes.  At that point in my life, I did NOT "get it".  I was not tuned into my body.  I certainly wasn't listening to it talking to me in the form of symptoms such as headaches, gas, bloating, constipation, brutal PMS and even cystic acne.  I was eating low fat, low calorie, sugar free and didn't think twice about how exercising made me "feel" let alone my "health". I only cared how I looked in the mirror. My life was EXHAUSTING! So when I became pregnant, I let it all go!  I stopped watching what I ate and stopped exercising.  I only ever cared about what other people thought of how I looked anyway.  I figured they couldn't judge me for putting on weight when I'm pregnant, right?   So off to the nearest burger joint I went. I binged on greasy junk food and ice cream.  Little did I know how eating that way would impact me, my marriage and my ability to be the best Mom I could be. img002 While up one night with my screaming baby, who refused to sleep... I broke down.  All I could think about was that I wanted my old life back.  At this point I would have traded my soul to lose weight.  I clocked endless hours of useless cardio and tried every "diet fad" going.  Most notably, I did the whole "no carbs" thing.  Yes, I lost some weight.  But I didn't "feel" good and I was constantly having cravings and feeling deprived.  I still hated what I saw in the mirror and felt like a failure.  This made my already disordered eating habits and poor self image even worse. Ciara2011002 I finally decided I didn't want to fail anymore.   So, I set out on a mission to research and rethink everything. My research inspired a new passion to be "healthy", not just "thin".  In 2004 I went back to school to become a Nutritionist.  Educating myself on health and nutrition changed EVERYTHING.  It gave me my power back!  All my "symptoms" of poor health disappeared!   It put me in control of what I ate and how I felt.  I was no longer being controlled by FOOD and the never ending roller coaster of emotions that go along with that addiction and years of disordered eating. 196_43622745056_4778_n However, until 2008 when I opened two weight loss clinics.  I was still spending over an hour 5 or 6 days a week working out.   I was now a single Mom with 10 employees working 12-14 hours a day and under a huge mountain of stress!  I was scared.  Working out was very important to me.  I loved feeling physically strong, but what it did for my confidence and emotional stability was amazing!  Giving it up was NOT an option, but I had ZERO time. Thankfully, that's when my love affair with BodyRock.TV started!  Thanks to Freddy and his team, no matter how busy I was, I could still get in my HIIT training and was not only able to sustain my fitness level, but surpass it!! The real test of my new "lifestyle" came when I was pregnant with my second daughter in 2011.  I will admit.  I was scared.  So what did I do?  I just kept doing exactly what I had been doing for years.  I ate exactly the same, a little more when I felt I needed it.  I listened to my body.  Despite having awful "morning sickness" and no energy for the first 12 weeks. I was determined to continue exercising! I knew at this point I needed a little help.  So I hired a personal trainer who was a Mom of 4 herself to kick my butt 2x a week and apply the HIIT principles.  I also continued to follow the BodyRock workouts a few times a week and did so right up until 3 days before I gave birth. The RESULTS??? IMG_2327 My second pregnancy, despite being an emotionally trying time in my life, was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I felt healthy and strong.  Instead of eating junk food and binging, I was energized and craving KALE!  I shit you not!  I gained just under 30lbs and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  Within a few weeks of giving birth, I had dropped most of the weight!  At 6 weeks post-partum I started BodyRocking again, which, coupled with good nutrition, helped me get back into shape all the while breastfeeding for 18 months! IMG_3376 The best part about my story is that I’ve been effortlessly sustaining the results for years and successfully coaching clients on how to do the same!  Now you know that I have struggled too.  The secret is out.  So follow me, I'm passionate about helping YOU lose weight because I KNOW it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Best in health, Ciara Foy    

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