My Trip to Spain ... (82 Photos) + (4 Videos)

Hi Everyone, As Requested ... The Day to Day Pictures from my Trip to Spain this year. HIIT MY BLOG I will add my food, friends, trips & workouts etc ... It's going to be quite random, but great to look back on just like my LA trip was for me - Here. Having a photo album is becoming a lost tradition. When u take the time to take picture's and add them to something other than a 'file' on a desktop somewhere (as we all do) - it's so great to look back at. Do you remember the excitement of getting your film developed after your holiday, then spending an evening making a photo album ?? ... ah good times ...   I will update this everyday until the 31st August 2013 - so please check back & join in the trip & banter with me. Enjoy, Love L xx [gallery ids="|"] HIIT MY BLOG   Don't let those numbers bring you down .... Why? .. Well .. I will tell you =) - Here    

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