I'm always excited when I find new recipes and health tips online. One of the best new discoveries I've came across in a long time is is local (Arizona) gourmet oatmeal company that is making healthy oatmeal fun! With over 22 BILLION combinations of healthy oatmeal you can't help but be completely satisfied with your order.
From Banana Bread and Cookie Dough, to German Chocolate Cake and PUMPKIN Spice the flavors are nearly endless. The only part of the process is narrowing down all the delicious flavors you want!
My perfect Oatmeal blend is pretty simple. I'm overly obsessed with Pumpkin so my perfect combo is a Large, Gluten Free Quick Oats with Pumpkin Spice flavor and Dark Raisins. Top it off with some sugar free maple syrup in the mornings.. YUMMM!! For bodybuilding it's the tastiest way to get in your carbs for the day :)
Quick Tip - Make sure to add a sweetener! They warn you about 100 times before you actually make your purchase but people still seem to go against it! It just doesn't taste the same without the sweetener. I choose Suralose (Splenda) since I try and limit my sugar intake.
Another great thing about the company is that they are small and founded by Anthony and his wife Kathy. Anthony had a dream of opening up his own company, set the goals and four months later we have Pretty damn inspiring if you ask me! They also pride themselves on customer service, and being not only a repeat customer, but a small business owner myself ( customer service in my mind is more valuable than the product itself.
Even better news! They are currently running a special for all NEW CUSTOMERS! When checking out, type in the code "ipromisetowriteareview" and you will receive (1) FREE bag of oatmeal! (up to a $12 value). Once you receive your amazing combo, all they ask is that you go onto their website and write a review - pretty simple!
Click the link of the bottom and score your free bag!

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