Naked Yoga?!

Recently, I read an article about an all men's naked yoga facility called, Bold & Naked Yoga in New York.  The writer of the article was giving an interview to the owner of Bold & Naked Yoga, Joshi Schwartz and discussing his new co-ed naked yoga classes that he plans to offer.  According to Schwartz, the entire point of the no-clothes yoga is to help the class participants with body confidence and not having to buy costly yoga clothes (haha).

That got me thinking...are there other naked yoga places in the United States?  The answer is: yes.

In Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona, there is a co-ed yoga studio named Nude Yoga USA.  The yoga center strives to create a safe, comfortable space and to eliminate the social bias that nudity is only for sex.

Would you, the reader of this blog, participate in naked yoga?

Naked yoga is not new to the world.  It is very popular in many European cultures and is quickly growing in popularity in the United States.

The practice of naked yoga began mainly in Germany and Switzerland through a movement called Lebensreform.  Lebensreform highlighted yoga and being naked.

While naked yoga is not a social norm, the lessons that the naked yoga studios are trying to convey are the right to feel free and confident in your own skin.  Schwartz, the owner of New Yorks, Bold & Naked Yoga has advice for all men participating in naked yoga, "If you get a hard-on, and that’s just what’s happening with your body. I would say just be happy that your reproductive system works. It won’t last forever. You won’t see a man with an erection going throughout the whole class, though, it’s physically not possible."

So there you go, naked yoga.  Not only building a strong and sexy body, but a confident mind.


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