Is Your Name on the List of the 20 Sexiest Names Ever?

In a survey done by, thousands of readers rated names for sexiness on a scale of 1-100. Latin, mostly Italian, names were all over the top of the list for both boys and girls. Top honours for boys was given to Alessandro and for girls it was Scarlett. Check out this sexy list and see if your name makes the cut:
1 Alessandro Scarlett
2 Lorenzo Nicolette
3 Rhett Natalia
4 Romeo Anaïs
5 Mateo Paulina
6 Dimitri Alessandra
7 Dane Chanel
8 Marcelo Soraya
9 Dante Adrianna
10 Rémy Giuliana
  Name not on the list? Don't worry, the list seems bias towards romance novel names with some Gone With the Wind thrown in for good measure. I'm doubting you would find most of these names near the top of the list of most common baby names so you aren't likely alone in your exclusion. njUzYlMXRLmt6Xu4vEKFgPkhvL7_ltBHzLhxuePp2Uc You can't relax just yet, you haven't heard the list of least sexy names! Right off the bat, I'm sorry if you are a Bob or a Gertrude because you are tops. Ernest, Bertha, Norman, Agnes, Dick, Ethel, Howard and Mildred rounded out the rest of the list. This list comes just after the revelation of research that suggests having an online screen name that starts with a letter from the second half of the alphabet (N-Z), lessens your chances of finding love online. Who knew? But don't let all these labels get you down. As William Shakespeare, whose name isn't on the list (although some of his characters are), once said, "What's in a name?" Sexy is a state of mind. So Bob, Gertrude and everyone else, get out there and work your special something. THAT is sexy. What is your favourite sexy sounding name?

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