Napping Improves Memory

This may be the best news I've heard in ages! A study out of Germany has discovered that just a 45 minute nap can improve your memory up to 5 times. The researchers at Saarland University divided participants into two groups and had each memorize a series of phrases over a short period. After, one group was told to watch a DVD and the other group napped. Afterward, the group that napped remembered more phrases than the group that did not. Professor Axel Mecklinger, one of the leads on the study, notes that cramming in a learning session right before a cat nap can prompt a greater likelihood of remembering that information. Take note students, all night study sessions are NOT the way to go. Professor Mecklinger also says that "a short nap at the office or in school is enough to significantly improve learning success." Well, now. Time for a workers' revolution, I'd say. Do you think we will ever see the day this science is put to use in the average office? Should we all get an allowance for a work place nap? Google style sleep pods, anyone?

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