Are You A Narcissist? Take The Test To Find Out!

It isn't like narcissism is anything new, but with our current technologies, it seems more prevalent. Social media, reality television and camera phones are a hot bed for narcissistic seeming behaviour! Kim Kardashian just released a book entirely comprised of selfies and it has recently been reported that young people are drinking less just so they can look better in the pictures that will inevitably end up on social media. Having a strong self esteem is a great attribute. Being self absorbed and arrogant are not great attributes. Most of have some narcissistic qualities -- like a sensitivity to criticism or showing off in a crows -- but if you are curious about whether or not your behaviour is bordering on full blown narcissism, take this little test designed by Dr Craig Malkin - a Harvard-trained psychologist: narcissism test If your alarm bells are going off, don't panic. Dr Malkin says it is totally normal to have some of these traits. results It is important to note that this test is not meant to be diagnostic, we're sharing it here just for fun! Are you brave enough to share your results? Source: Daily Mail  

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