Natalie Dormer: The High Demand Workout That Tones Her Figure

To say 33-year-old Natalie Dormer has an amazing body is an understatement. The Game Of Thrones star recently showed off her ripped abs on the cover of Women's Health Magazine and revealed that unlike many celebs, she doesn't employ a trainer.   "I don’t have a trainer. I’m entirely self-regimented... I place high demands on myself. After all, if you want to do something, do it properly, else what’s the point?" says the stunning star. "I’m the kind of person who gets a kick out of physical exertion, when the endorphins kick in. You really feel like you’ve pushed your body and that’s quite refreshing in a role."   Natalie, who plays the part of Lady Margaery in the hit TV series, owes a lot of sleek figure to running and HIIT style workouts. Natalie gets in an hour of circuit training when she can, and has even run a London marathon back in 2014. She tries to work as much physical activity into her day as possible, before and after she squeezes into her Game of Thrones costumes.   "Being strapped into a corset with this long flowing skirt immediately changes the way you look in the mirror. My way into Margaery is actually quite physical." jokes Natalie. She also relies on green juices to get adequate nutrition while she's working a 12-hour shooting day. Smoothies loaded with kale, spinach, coconut oil and fresh fruits keep her going. What are your thoughts on Nathalie's fitness and health regime? Could you keep up? Source: Daily Mail  

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