Natasha's Top 5: Cold Weather Running Gear

What a Summer! I've been away but I am back. I have so much to share with you. Today I want to talk to you about my Top 5 in Cold Weather Running Gear. This Summer has been my most active yet. I've been running a lot, my most recent No Boundaries class ended in August, I started training for a 10k, I joined a running group, I started adding drills to my routine and I had a week long adventure in San Francisco. I stepped off a plane last week to discover Spokane, WA had changed seasons during my absence. With the daylight fading earlier in the evening and temps dropping well into the 40's and 50's, it is clearly Fall (I think that is 4-10 degrees Celsius for those outside the US).
  1. Ear Covers - Some people wear full hats or the weird beanie with a hole for your pony tail but not me. I am an ear cover fanatic. It does double duty by wicking away sweat and leaving my ears super toasty. I am not brand particular but I prefer something with a soft lining. Running without this item in cold weather messes with my chi.
  2. Jacket/Shirt with finger cuffs -  "Finger cuffs," Finger covers," I don't care what they are called. I love any items that streamlines my gear roster. My jacket of choice, at the moment, is my Lululemon "Define" in black. Not only is it super stretchy with an extra strong zipper, it has my much-loved finger cuffs and a hidden mesh vent in the back. My favorite finger warming top is the Motion long sleeve t-shirt from GapFit. Its super soft and cozy, the right shade of purple and has the very important finger cuffs.
  3. Wool Socks - I am very brand specific here. For all seasons, my "go-to" sock is Feetures ultra light merino wool no show. They are a cotton-wool blend. They never smell (I personally tested this feature), pull the moisture off your feet and have a special area in the arch for extra support. In my running shoes or my winter boots, I've worn these in 15 degrees and 100 degrees. They keep my feet warm and cool.
  4. Running Tights - I am a fan of the tight. I realize this makes some runners uncomfortable, feeling like their naughty bits are in the wind and all, but I like the freedom it provides. My pair happen to be Nike but there are other equally great brands. Features in mine that I appreciate: low-profile light reflecting strips on the hips and ankles, 6-8 inch zipper at the ankle, small zipper pocket in the waistband for my phone and opaque super stretchy material.
  5. Weather App. - Check the temperature before you step out the door. I found that I have certain temperature thresholds for particular items of clothing. As you can imagine, you end up wearing a lot of layers during the colder months. An accurate weather app can help you plan accordingly. I won't make any recommendations here as I use a local news stations' application. 
Happy Running!      

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