National Coffee Day Is Here, Celebrate With These 7 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

It's 2015, and days dedicated to a wide and varied amount of things people love in the world exist. It used to just be things like Christmas and Mother's Day that made sense to us, but no longer. There's a day dedicated to your cat, your donut and now your coffee. Happy National Coffee Day! Let us celebrate by stepping outside the box as opposed to guzzling gallons of the good stuff, and give back to the world by incorporating these 7 ways to reuse your coffee grounds.
  1. Add them to your compost bin
coffee This will mask the potent smell and add key ingredients to the mix. 2. Use them to clean smelly hands coffee Cooking with garlic or onions can leave a lingering stench on your hands, but a quick scrub with the used coffee grounds will eliminate that way better than the excessive amount of soap you typically opt for. 3. Use them as a natural wood stain coffee The strong odours and mess that comes with the store-bought stuff is annoying. Save your money by making a natural stain with the grounds. 4. Mix them into your heavy duty scrubbing soap coffee DIY soap is so in. Save yourself the chemicals that come with the store-bought stuff and add a little exfoliator with the grounds to leave your skin silky smooth. 5. Make a body scrub with them coffee Your body could also use a little scrub-a-dub. Mix up a jar of sugar, mint, and coffee scrub for your shower. 6. Add them to a mason jar for a vibrant, cafe-infused fall centerpiece coffee An aromatic table decoration, this is an easy yet innovative way to spruce up your table. Add coffee grounds to mason jars, and then put some fresh cut flowers in each one. 7. Make a DIY air freshener coffee Snag a spice maker, decorate it and put the grounds in for an efficient way to eliminate funky or stale smells from your home. Have you tried any of these options before? Source: Bustle

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