A natural cure for a sore throat, is it possible?

Now seems to be the time of year where everyone is getting colds. I'm not one to get sick very often, but it must have been my turn! Last week I could feel a sore throat coming on and I wanted to stop it before it got worse. I don't go rushing off to the doctor because I believe in natural healing. This is what I did to stop my sore throat and a cold from making it's annoying self present! It worked and I am as good as new after 2 days of this! As soon as I felt the 'scratchy tickle' in my throat, I first vigorously gargled warm salt water. I didn't use a specific measurement of salt. I used SEA SALT, by the way and put enough in my glass to just cover the bottom. Then filled with warm water, stirred it up a bit and gargled. Do this vigorously though and tilt your head back so the salt water reaches deep in your throat. Then I ate a few spoonfuls of RAW ORGANIC HONEY (You can do this throughout the day as well to sooth). Then, I took a spoonful of HEMP SEED OIL, once a day for 2 days, about 4 hours before I went to bed. Each morning I woke up feeling perfectly fine. Another tip for helping a sore throat if this doesn't quite do the trick is to drink 8oz of ORANGE JUICE with 1/4 of a teaspoon of CAYENNE PEPPER mixed in. You won't really taste the pepper and you will feel immediate relief.      

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