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People are creatures of habit. I am guilty of this. We usually wake up, make breakfast and have our tea or coffee and head to work. I decided to try for one week straight to switch up my routine. I recently was sent  the new Vega Sport pre-workout energizer upon returning home from coaching at the World Maccabiah Games in Israel. I decided to do a self experiment. Instead of my regular morning coffee I replaced it with the pre-workout since my mornings after breakfast consist of a workout.

The first day I was missing my regular cup of Joe in a fierce way. I guess after this self experiment I can say that I was and maybe still am addicted to coffee. However day two, three, four and so on for the entire 7 days I started to look forward to my morning bottle of Vega Sport Energizer. It has only 5 calories and actually tasted good and I felt energized. Not only was I getting a great energetic start to my day, I was benefiting from the blend of plant based ingredients that include some of my favourite natural energizers. Green tea, yerba mate (which I am a huge fan of) and coconut oil!

I am not suggesting that you have to switch out your cup of wonderfully warm, yummy coffee or tea but I just wanted to share with you guys how much I really enjoy the natural product that Vega Sport has come up with. The flavours that I tried were Lemon Lime. and Acai Berry (which was my favourite). They suggest taking the energizer 20 minutes before your workout to help you get into the zone. This is due to the fact that it has organic brown rice syrup that is high in the glycemic index which causes it to enter the blood stream quickly. On top of that it also has organic palm nectar which is low in the glycemic index which also provides a slower, more steady energy that will cause you not to spike or crash in the end.

Try stepping out of the box and try something natural vs synthetic supplements. You never know what may work for you or what you may enjoy! I am giving their protein a try this week!




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