Why You Need More Chocolate in Your Life Part 3: Find Your Bliss

There are a lot of substances people turn to when they feel moody or in need of a pick-me-up. Alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana are just a few of the options, but what if you had a bit of chocolate instead? Sinking your teeth into a mouthful of chocolate releases a chemical called anandamide. This chemical is used by the brain to block both depressive feelings and pain. Chocolate causes your brain to produce this neurotransmitter, and the chemicals in chocolate will actually help the sensation to last longer. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Source: www.zmescience.com[/caption] Interestingly enough, anandamide isn't just great to make you feel good, but it's produced by the portion of the brain that controls memory, movement, and the higher thought process. It will help to boost overall brain function, giving you better recall and concentration. The effects of anandamide are like a milder version of the effects of marijuana, and it's a much gentler "high". Who knows, chocolate may be the next big thing?!  
Featured Image Source: en.wikipedia.org
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