Why You Need More Chocolate in Your Life Part 6: Prevent Heart Attacks

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death IN THE WORLD! Take a moment to let that sink in. More people die from heart disease than die from wars and famines. That's harsh reality for you. Thankfully, chocolate can help to protect your heart and reduce your risk of heart attacks dramatically. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="654"] Source: www.huffingtonpost.com[/caption] A study conducted at the Johns Hopkins University discovered that eating a small amount (just a few squares) of dark chocolate every day can reduce heart attack risk by as much as 50%. The team of researchers leading the study found that blood clotted more slowly in those who had consumed chocolate than those who had not. Considering that most heart attacks and strokes are caused by blood clots, you can see why eating chocolate is directly linked to a reduced heart attack rate. Chocolate contains flavonoids that slow platelet clotting, similar to the way aspirin works. Chocolate can not only prevent clotting, but it will protect your heart from disease by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.  
Featured Image Source: www.fanpop.com
Resources: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/health-by-chocolate?page=2

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