Why You Need More Chocolate in Your Life Part 9: Deal with PMS

You know that time of the month when your boyfriend/husband/spouse tends to walk on eggshells and avoid any direct eye contact? That's the best time for you to start munching on lots of dark chocolate goodness! A study conducted in San Diego in 2010 discovered that many people consumed chocolate when they felt depressed, as it helped to boost their mood. One of the hallmarks of PMS is moodiness, so eating chocolate can help to balance out your emotions. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Source: www.cnn.com[/caption] Not only does chocolate contain mild stimulants to boost blood flow to your brain, but it also helps your brain to produce serotonin. This "feel good" chemical will enhance your mood, helping you to perk up. No matter how bad things seem, eating a bit of chocolate will help you to feel better. Interestingly enough, those chocolate cravings you're experiencing during PMS is NOT for the chocolate itself, but for the good feelings that chocolate produces in your body. Plus, chocolate releases endorphins that calm your anxious mind and body, and the magnesium in chocolate will help to boost your mood.  
Featured Image Source: blogs.mcgill.ca
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