Why We Need To End Our Obsession With "Skinny"!

Despite progress in recent years, our culture still seems to revolve around the idea that "thin" is the most desired body type. There is still pressure on girls to emulate slender supermodels, still Tumblr sites that promote thigh gaps and still magazines dedicated to the skinny ideal. Even for women who are active, completely healthy and super fit - the idea of "skinny" still sits in the back of their minds. For some girls, skinny comes naturally. It is the build they were born with, and they can fit comfortably in size 00 without being unhealthy or needing to "eat a cheeseburger, for gosh sake!" But skinny doesn't come naturally to everyone, and it shouldn't be something we obsess over to achieve. You can be strong, fit and healthy without wearing supermodel sizes. We have to realize that fitting into a size 0 doesn't mean anything. It is a number that signifies nothing about beauty, intelligence, self-worth. It's literally just a tag! Working out and eating healthy means so much more than the number on the scale. Seeing muscle definition in your arms is way more exciting then seeing a thigh gap, noticing how easily you can run up a flight of stairs without losing your breath is way more rewarding then wearing size 4 vs. a size 6. When you take your mind off the scale and focus yourself on completing your healthy improvements, you will begin living a far more satisfying life! What do you think of the cultural obsession with being thin? Voice your thoughts! h/t: Shape

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