What if You Need to Gain Weight?

There's more in the media lately about fat shaming and body acceptance, no matter your size. But what most articles mean by that is your bigger size. That has unfortunately translated to open season on skinny folks. Lean people. Hard gainers. Body acceptance is about figuring out what works for each individual's body and making that body as healthy and fit as possible. For some, that means finding the right combination of foods to help gain a few pounds, and Greatist have published some great ideas on how to do just that. 1. Keep track. Get a food journal and keep tabs on what you're eating and when. If you know you're underweight, start by adding in 200 extra calories a day and see where that goes. 2. Eat more! Seems simple, but for hard gainers, extra calories are essential. Snack smartly on fat and calorie-dense foods like nuts and avocados. A chunk of cheese before bed is excellent. 3. Have another cup. Not of soda or juice, but meal replacement drinks and smoothies can be excellent sources of healthy extra calories. 4. Have a plan. Set realistic goals based on your height and present weight. Connect with a  physician who can make sure you're healthy and not suffering from a metabolic disorder or other illnesses that will impede your progress and compromise your health. Meet with supportive friends and professionals who can help you tweak the plan as you're on it. 5. Fake it till you make it. Even if your goal is another 10 pounds, don't let it stop you from walking confidently now. The French have a great saying, "bien dans sa peau", to feel good in your own skin. Start that practice as you're working towards your goals. Strut your stuff from the first pound! h/t: Greatist

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