Need Help Sticking To Your Weight Loss Goals? Try This Trick!

Weight loss goals always seem exciting when we first establish them. No matter how far you have to go on your journey, you know you are making the right decision. And you know that if you can stick with it, you will come out the other side as a healthier, fitter you. But, for many of us, these same goals quickly become a nagging pain in the neck. If you are one of those people who gives up on your goals almost as quickly as you set them, a new study has some good news for you! think3 Turns out, we have been going about things all wrong! The study, published in the journal Self & Identity, found that just telling yourself you are a healthy eater will make you a healthier eater. That's right, sometimes lying to yourself is a good thing! For the study, the researchers gave 124 women information on food portion sizes and requested that they keep a food diary for six weeks. The women were then divided into three groups: one was given standard educational information on nutrition, the next one was given no information and the third was asked to write statements that tied good nutrition to their identity like, “I am a healthy eater” and “I am a fruit eater.” think2 [bctt tweet="Need Help Sticking To You're Weight Loss Goals? Try This Trick!"] The researchers found that those who made the statements ate more healthy foods than the other groups one month into the study. These same women also maintained their healthy eating habits for the duration of the study whereas the other two groups tended to give up before the end. Wait, there's more! The group making the statements also ate an extra portion of healthy food a day compared to the other two groups. Clearly the mind is a powerful thing and the language you use matters. If you are skeptical that the old adage "fake it 'til you make it" can apply to your weight loss efforts, why not start by telling yourself you are a healthy eater and then give the BodyRock Meal Plan a try? Our meal plan will make adopting healthy eating habits a breeze! The Meal Plan covers everyone from meat eaters to vegans and takes virtually all the guess work out of meal prep. We provide you with a weekly grocery list so all you have to do is buy the ingredients and follow along! We are talking 30 days worth of real, whole, exciting, flavorful meals and snacks  that will satisfy your taste buds! What are you waiting for? Get your Meal Plan here! Do you think telling yourself you are a healthy eater can make you a healthy eater? Source: Women's Health

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