Why We Need The Spice Girls

After reading this awesome article from Lone Wolf, I’m realizing that now more than ever the world needs The Spice Girls. It’s not just because I am a child of the 90s, and will always have a spot in my heart for that British pop group, no, it’s for a much more important reason: Girl Power. spicegirls3 Even though everything about the Spice Girls was so contrived by executive producers, it shouldn’t discredit what they did, or what they stood for, which was very simple: standing behind your friends, chicks before dicks, in essence: Girl Power. Since when did feminism become about hating men, anyway? I love guys. Really, all of the men in my life are amazing (although if they weren’t so awesome they probably wouldn’t be in my life anymore). I want to go back to the days of glittery pop feminism – when female empowerment was about supporting your lady friends, and enjoying being a girl. The Spice Girls themselves stated that,
“Feminism has become a dirty word, Girl Power is just a Nineties way of saying it…Women can be so powerful when they show solidarity.”
Well, I’ll never give up on the good times, because I wannabe a feminist, and you can never have too much: Girl Power. spicegirls

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