Just starting back ? Need motivation ? Come on then ...

Have you been ill, not been able to train, or had an operation ? I totally understand how that feels .. When I had to have time off, the first week was fine, no problems I enjoyed the rest. TV, Movies.. shuffling around getting loads of TLC ... It was pushing in to the second weeks onward that really killed me. You know what tho... I'm so thankful for it. I had a long time to think about why we put in our 12 mins everyday. Having a break and being limited on how I could move during my time off phase and then unable to do certain things straight away on my return faze made me realize just how much I needed to train & work out & also being so restricted reminded me how important the modifications for each exercise we bring you are. I remember feeling sluggish, unmotivated to do anything - I was officially fed up :D .... and honestly I really didn't enjoy the skin I was in @ thats time. My day had turned into - get up eat, sit, eat, sleep, eat, sit & sleep. My Diet was tight but I really wasn't enjoying the way clothes were feeling (I know that some people will be reading this and say .. what! you are tiny... but I think everyone no matter what size you are feels like this right?) I didn't feel sexy or powerful, or strong... I felt ugh .... :D (I know thats not a feeling as such, but it fits my mood lol) Having time off reminded me of how difficult some of the moves we bring you in workouts can be when you are restricted, so thats why we brought back the tutorials for the beginners or newbies *waves* - hello to you :)) I guess what I wanted to say is that, its never to late to start back/again/today...  and if you are running out of motivation or you can relate to the above, I am here to push you forward and tell you that TODAY (or when you can) we start TOGETHER !!! .... If you feel ugly, fat, soft and watery, bloated, unfit... scared, depressed I am here to tell you THATS OK !! - we can work on these & most importantly, please please, Don't worry about what others say, think, about the way you look, do it for you !! and only you !!. Just shake off the comments, stares, feelings, looks... get your iPod in, find a corner of the gym, get your music blasting in the living room ....  and just do it !! In a few weeks of hard work, you're body will start to feel alive again. You have seen the results people have on the Website & Facebook, don't just do it for summer, let's start now forever ! Yes it's going to be hard, and you are going to hate the change and probably hate me at some points ... and ache, OMG you will ache ... but you see that wall in front of you right now -  *points to the biggest wall ever* - that's where we are heading... right over that wall one workout at a time !! TOGETHER !! We are blessed to be alive everyday and we need to move, jump and continue to look after our bodies. We can all do this together & I promise to try to keep every workout as motivational & exciting as possible & of course most importantly to suit all abilities. Love Always L xx   For More Inspiration click - Here  Lose weight on vacation learn how I do it -  Here    

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