What Needs to Be Retired From Pop Culture

There are some things that just need to go away and a lot of things that really need to be retired from pop culture so that we don't have to see them again. 1. Endless Superhero Spinoffs...I can't even count the number of actors that have played Spiderman and Superman and Batman, much less the number of movies that have actually been made.  Come on...let's find some new material already. Angry-Hulk-Smash-Puny-God-Loki-In-The-Avengers-Gif 2. Jennifer Aniston pregnancy rumors.  Ok we get it, the Brad-Angelina-Jennifer triangle is still fodder for the tabloids but come on...you've been wrong every other time.  Just let it go. o-JEN-570 3. TV Relatives coming back from the dead.  What used to be a shocking reveal, (i.e. Dallas and Alias) has become a crazy cliche of today's TV.  JUST LET THEM DIE PEOPLE!  And come up with new material. tumblr_mwb8sk1Btr1t0ewpno1_250 4.Farrah Abraham and Courtney Stodden.  The public loves young and attractive females.  To be honest though...Farrah is only a "celebrity" because she is a teen mom, getting a boob job, her sex tape, and waxing her daughters eyebrows.  Then there's Stodden whose sole claim to fame is her recent breakup and a nice figure.  Let's just let kids grow up...maybe then they will have something to contribute. stodden   5. Twerking.  It's just been overdone.  It needs to be thrown out. twerk 6.Paris Hilton's attempt at relevancy.  It's been a long time since Paris has been in the spotlight...since 2003 to be exact.  Instead of just enjoying the money she has she's constantly vying to get back in that spotlight.  She's tried DJ-ing, released a music video, and even was robbed.  None of it worked.  Just go home and enjoy your money, please. 4paris4 7. Celebrity Selfies. It's been crowned Oxford Dictionary's word of the year.  Gag.  We all know what you look like. selfie 8.Miley Cyrus' tongue.  She may be vying to replace Gene Simmons of KISS...but to be honest...it's gotten out of control.  Lets just put that thing back where it came from. tumblr_mqmgwoHs4D1scxy5po1_500 9. Body Shaming.  You can bleat that it doesn't exist all you like but just take a look at the comments from Rex Reed about Melissa McCarthy or Kiera Knightley being constantly pestered about anorexia in Allure.  Let's just stop trying to fix everyone into a box...you're beautiful not because of what you look like but what is in your heart.  Let's focus on the inside. o-KIERA-570

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