How Netflix Can Stregthen Your Relationship

Working out together, going out for a delicious meal or hitting up a pub for some good live music - these are evening activities we think are keeping our relationship fresh, exciting and strong. But research shows the real secret to a better bond is Netflix binges. valentines-day-chick-flicks-netflix Ok, hear me out. Those hours spent in your sweatpants making some yummy finger food and crashing in front of the TV for a marathon of Orange Is The New Black is beneficial. Here is why: Better Communication Watching a variety of movies and shows sparks conversation. You can learn a lot about how each other view the world by commenting on the new things you observe and learn. Talking about how to perceive things is healthy, even if you may not agree with Dr. Meredith Grey's decisions in the first season of Grey's Anatomy. More Sex You're already snuggled in bed with nowhere to be...why not get it on? The best part of any Netflix binge is pressing pause and connecting with each other. Particularly if you're streaming something especially flirty... You're Saving $$$  A Friday night is much easier on the wallet then a Friday night out at the bar. The average Netflix account costs $8 a month. That's 25 cents a night! Silence is Comfort Being quiet and paying attention to something relaxes your mind and let's you shut off the anxieties and pressures of life for a few hours. Experiencing this silence with your partner deepens your bond. It gives you an opportunity to embrace each other and communicate with cuddles. Aww. What is your favourite show to binge-watch with your man? Let us know!

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