Why You Should NEVER Drink These 8 Beverages!

It's time to cut down or cut these 8 common beverages! While most of these seem refreshingly tempting, and we are bombarded with advertisements boasting their "benefits", the health risks contained in these drinks are less than savoury. #1 Cola Cola has the ultimate high-calorie, zero nutrient ratio. It's made completely of sugar, chemical colour and chemical flavour. It wears at your teeth enamel, messes with your metabolism and can lead to kidney damage for those cola-addicts out there! #2 "Zero Calorie" Cola Mmm it tastes just as sweet, but it's been loaded with chemical sweeteners to make it that way. These so called "diet sodas" can screw with your natural gut bacteria which can cause you to gain weight. Plus the aspartame in these drinks can muddle your memory. #3 Pasteurized Fruit Juice Pasteurized fruit juices are typically crammed with colouring and extra, unwanted sugar. Juicing your own drinks or buying fresh-pressed is a better way to have control over what you're consuming.   #4 Massive Frappuccinos Skip the ventis or larges when it comes to a sweet summer indulgence. It can be both a shock to your nervous system and your blood stream when tons of caffeine and sugar come rushing through! #5 Premixed Cocktails Those girly strawberry vodka coolers you picked up for the cottage this weekend? The are packed with harmful preservatives and a frightening level of sugar. (Not to mention colour and fake flavours) #6 Juice From Concentrate "Concentrate" means processed juice. And you know that anything processed is pretty awful for your system! #7 Sweetened Non-Dairy Drinks Non-dairy milks like soy milk and almond milk are a wonderful option when you are skimping out on lactose laden products. But beware of sweetened non-dairy which contains something called "carrageenan". This ingredient has been linked to serious inflammation of the digestive system and even cancer. #8 Water from Warm Bottles Left a bottle of water in your car on a hot summer day? Don't drink it. The plastic can melt ever so slightly and leech into your beverage! What are some summer drinks you love that are healthy and safe? Share your recipes with us!

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