NEVER Fry Bacon Or Eat Raw Tomatoes: How To Cook Food Healthfully

Sorry bacon lovers, but frying is off the menu if you want your meat to maintain any of it's nutritional value. We're breaking down the ways to properly prepare all of your favourite foods to the get most out of every meal! Bacon bacon recipe cooking Grilling bacon is the best way to reduce the high level of saturated fat content, while adding delicious and savoury flavours. Use a wire rack for bacon so that fat drips away with ease. Tomatoes tomatoes heart health Roasting your tomatoes is the best way to bring out all of the nutrients within these little red powerhouses. Roasting is also recommended for fish, veggies like courgette, aubergine, peppers and for beetroot. Always cover your fish with foil to keep all the natural compounds in it. Broccoli and Cauliflower cauliflower broccoli For soft veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, retain crispness and nutritional value by steaming them. Carrots and asparagus are also the healthiest when steamed, while presenting their most palatable texture. Spinach spinach nutrients benefits Wilting veggies like spinach and watercress are best blanched. Blanching preserves the vitamins and minerals found within their fibres, while also maintaining their colour and lushness. Garlic garlic dna protection Adding garlic in with cooked dishes adds lots of flavour, but raw garlic is higher in active enzymes. Consider leaving your garlic uncooked the next time you mix up a meal. Share your thoughts and healthy recipe ideas with us! Source: Daily Mail

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