The New Birth Control That Guarantees Your Orgasm

So if you don't want kids, simply aren't ready for them or have them already and are saying no to more - let's assume some form of contraception is likely used during your bedroom rendezvous. Now - what if you could have contraception that guarantees your orgasm?  Intrigued? It's a real thing. There is a new combination of contraception and sex toy called the Va w.o.w. How does it work? The female condom goes inside of you and is attached to a vibrating ring that's used to keep the condom from slipping into your vagina. Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.11.16 AM So how "guaranteed" is this orgasm, you may ask? According to a user survey of 50 women ages 20 to 40 who tried the Va w.o.w , 70% achieved an orgasm on the first use, while 84% on the second use and 100% on just the third use! Dang. Those are some good odds! Sadly, the vibrating female condom is still awaiting FDA approval. That being said, it could be available in Europe in as soon as a year and a half from now. (Vacay anyone?)

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