New Day Flow & Bonus Abs Workout

Hi BodyRockers, 
Teshia is back with a new BodyRock Flow and Lisa is also back with a short bodyweight only abs bonus that you can try (she shot it herself). 
 You guys have probably noticed that over the summer we have been changing things up, trying things out and generally trying to make everything better. This effort is all leading up to the launch of the new BodyRock.Tv website, and the new Team BodyRock. In addition to Sean, Lisa and Teshia we will be working out with Haley and Lish on a regular basis plus a bunch of new BodyRockers. Starting with the launch of the new site in September we will have classes/workouts every single day Monday - Friday. We are taking everything to the next level to bring you guys the absolute best fitness lifestyle online. Every time you guys "like" our workouts you are supporting our community here and we want to thank all of you BodyRockers out there that hit those 'like" buttons everyday. 
P.S. Lisa's routine is named after the new song by Pink. 
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