Is The New Diet Pepsi Any Safer to Drink?

As consumers, we demanded it and PepsiCo finally heard us by making the move to remove aspartame from their diet sodas (you can read the full story here). giphy-6 Aspartame carries potential side effects like cancer or dizziness and other neurological problems. It is going to be replaced with sucralose and acesulfame potassium, also called ace-k. Sucralose is generally regarded as a safer option but the consumer advocacy group Center For Science in the Public Interest notes that ace-k is poorly tested and may also pose a cancer risk and suggest consumers should avoid this sweetener as well. tumblr_n7yxrmaDoI1soq1aqo1_500 So what's a person to do? One thing that will work for certain, giving up diet soda all together. If the above risks weren't enough, diet soda puts you at a possible increased risk of diseases as well as weight gain and accelerated aging. Hardly seems worth it, now does it? h/t: Popsugar

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