NEW FACTS about WILLPOWER & Emotional Eating

Emotional eating has long been the nemesis of those looking to slim down.

Researchers from the University of Wurzburg in Germany have discovered that people who eat emotionally are less likely to be able to account for the amount of fat they’re consuming. However, those who chow down in states of extreme emotion were more able to detect bitter, sour and sweet flavours.

The researchers asked the study group to try a range of creamy drinks, each with different levels of fat. Prior to the tasting, the group was shown 3 video clips: One depicted a happy scene, another a sad one and finally, a boring scene.

While the dull video had zero influence on the study group’s taste buds, it seems participants were about 15% less capable of detecting if there drinks were high in fat after watching the happy and sad videos.

So, next time you’re sad, tired or overwhelmed and find yourself reaching for the chips or ice cream, remember that it is not because of a lack of willpower on your part - it is biological. In other words: Emotional eating is a bitch.

This said, try to acknowledge the cause of your cravings, and then do a bit of damage control and try to opt for healthy alternatives instead.



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