This New Hair Dye Technique Just Upped The Color Game! (Pictures)

Have you ever wanted to have a perfect rainbow in your hair without any blending or bleeding? I know I have! My color combos have bled in the past leaving me with some of the worst looking tints. But now that I know about color block hair, I may just have to revisit my rainbow side. Color blocked hair consists of wide bands of different colors that create a multicolored look in a cohesive way without having to sacrifice the playful parts of having many bright colors in your hair. Pravana tested their new line of no run dyes with stylist Daniel Moon. The dyes will be released in July and have been formulated so that colors will not bleed after initial application. Have a look at the final results: Absolutely amazing. I cannot get over how solid the color is and the definition between bands is incredible! What say you? If you were given the chance to rock this look (or one like it) would you? I know I would! h/t: Hello Giggles

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