New Jaha Fitness App Debuted As Tinder For Runners

Wanting to find your perfect running match? There's an app for that! Jaha is a new fitness app for runners in search of the perfect person to get sweaty with. Erm...while working out of course. You can search for your running buddy and keep track of your fitness stats all in one place. Jaha counts your steps, tracks your mileage and lets you keep track of workout details. Just like Tinder, Jaha uses a matching system to show you runners in your area and allows you to connect with them via in-app chat. If you're a little shy to meet a stranger for a jog, you can socialize with them strictly in the digital world. Try challenging them to beat your latest step count or encourage them on their journey to getting fit. jana new app fitness You can also smack talk your friends or randoms on the app as a form of motivation thanks to the app's "Smack Board". So that's another direction you can take the digital download. The app is not exclusive to running either, which opens more doors and a variety of different people to connect with. Jaha was first introduced in Hong Kong and has become increasingly popular elsewhere. What are your thoughts on this new app? Would you swipe right for Jaha?

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