New Poll Reveals The Most Common Sexual Position For Women (The Results May Surprise You)

There is, almost literally, an app for everything. Glow is an app that helps you track ovulation and fertility but it also gathers other information for education purposes. Glow incorporates polls and other anonymized data to provide details about not only your cycle and sexual habits but those of other women. For example, they have found that women are most interested in getting busy between the sheets on the 14th and 15th days of their cycle (around ovulation) and least interested on the first day. Here are some other results:

54% of women report having 'on bottom' sex the majority of the time.

This includes a few different positions from missionary to the eagle. This didn't change much during the course of a woman's cycle. If you're prone to climbing on top during one part of your cycle, you're likely to do so in the other parts as well.

common sex position

20% of women said they wind up having 'on top' sex most of the time.

Although less common, on top sex is still the best way for women to achieve orgasm. It carries a 20% improvement over other positions and a 33% improvement over 'in front' sex.

17% of women said 'in front' sex is their go to.

Whatever the hell that means...

Not to forgot the 'other' category.

9% of women said they prefer different sexual positions. Remember, you are only limited by your own imagination. Do these results ring true to you? Don't be shy. Share your thoughts with us. h/t: Bustle Do you follow @BodyRockTV on Snapchat and Instagram? [caption id="attachment_97742" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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