New Research Reveals That A Great Sex Life Equals A Bigger Salary

The list of health and wellness benefits that come from a great sex life is already very lengthy. New research is adding money to that list, along with clear skin, immunity, pain relief and lower risks of cancer. The head of a new study between sex and salary, Dr. Nick Drydakis , explains that the relationship between work life and home life may not be as separated as one would think. A positive sex life relieves the symptoms of anxiety and stress. These disorders can hinder workplace performance, so using sex to aid them can make a person's work life easier and less stressful. Sex can also play a role in increasing one's confidence, focus and positivity. So if you're looking to wow your boss, try spending a little time between the sheets! (Uh...maybe I should rephrase that?) Having regular sex can also help with sleep problems by releasing the hormone prolactin. During an orgasm, the body releases oxytocin which has also been shown to help you drift off to dreamland. If you still in some convincing as to whether you should be getting down to it, take the fact that sex can improve your bladder control and it can count as a calorie burning exercise! What are your thoughts? Share with us the benefits you have noticed after getting busy!

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