New Research Suggests a Way to Eat Simple Carbs and Lose Weight

Can you really go in for those dinner rolls and still shed pounds? According to a new study released by Weill-Cornell Medical College, it's possible to indulge in carbs without sacrificing your weight loss. Simple carbs like bread provide a temporary satisfaction when eaten on an empty stomach, but they cause a spike in our blood sugar level which will leave us super starved later on. For example, if we eat dinner rolls before our main meal is served, we will want to eat more of said main meal or crave a second dinner later on. But this latest study challenged the idea that if carbs (like those oven-fresh dinner rolls) were served post-meal, would we have the same reaction? Two groups of people were served the same main meal and the same dinner rolls. One group was given the dinner rolls before their plate of veggies and chicken. The other were given the meal first, and the dinner rolls after. The "after" group had a much more balanced blood sugar level following the meal. In fact, their blood sugar level was 30% lower than that of the "before" group. So, could carbs be a way to actually stave off cravings if eaten properly? The study is new and was conducted on a small scale, so more research must be conducted to truly analyze it's effectiveness. But it does give insight into how our body reacts to certain foods and how to prevent such reactions. What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips on regulating blood sugar levels or fighting off cravings?    

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