New Study Reveals Why Some Men Prefer Long or Short Hair

The average woman will spend nearly $50,000 in her lifetime on hair maintenance. So before you dole out some hard earned cash on a short summer bob or lengthening extensions, find out what kind of guys like it long and luscious and what kind want it short and sweet. Men Who Like Long Locks Guys who like women with long, lustrous hair are fans of old timey beauty conventions. Long hair to them symbolizes femininity, as it has throughout history. If we take it back to caveman days, men who love those waist-length tresses have a primal instinct to associate long hair with health and fertility. Men Who Like Short Styles Men who are attracted to women with short hair see them as feisty, independent and not afraid to step outside of social norms. Short hair reveals a side to men that long hair can't capture. When your face isn't framed by follicles, your features and facial structure is more exposed. Guys like seeing your face in the spotlight, unmasked by hair. No matter your signature hair cut, ultimately it is personality that men find most alluring. If both of your styles are compatible, hair length will be a very minor factor. How do you wear your hair?  

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