A New Study Suggests That Marital Stress Can Make You Fat

When it comes to your significant other, you can rest assured you won't spend the longevity of your relationship agreeing on everything. Differences in opinion surface between people every day, and when it comes to the one you love, you feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts and stand your ground. But sometimes these healthy, minuscule disagreements go from talking to full on fighting. And while we can all agree that fighting isn't fun, it could also be leading to health issues that you may want to steer clear of. fighting These spousal arguments lead to an increase in ghrelin, which is the hormone that increases your hunger and promotes junk food cravings. "Ghrelin's not just pushing you to eat — it's creating a craving for foods ... that are high in sugar, fat and salt," explained Lisa Jaremka, an assistant professor at the University of Delaware. Jaremka and her colleagues conducted a study of 43 married couples that had tied the knot at least three years ago. They tracked their food intake, their ghrelin levels and the way they argued. What they concluded gives us even more reason not to get in a scuffle with the one we love. In fact, the study found that the more marital stress present, the more likely unhealthy foods were consumed — which begins a downward spiral towards disease and death. fighting Have you found that when you and your spouse have fought, you've turned to junk food as a way out? Source: Daily News   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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