The New Trend in Mannequins: Back Fat

The new trends in mannequins aren't about understanding customers or changing the fashion world or traditional concepts of beauty.  Their use is much more simple.  The fashion world pays its rent with being the first to produce the "new" and the "avant garde."  The changes to mannequins are nothing different.  David's Bridal, the United State's largest bridal chain, has begun to introduce mannequins with back fat, sagging breasts, and larger waists. Mannequin Revival Michele Von Plato, VP of David's Bridal, was quoted in the Business Times saying, "This will give the shopper a better idea of what a dress will look like on her."  The changes being seen at David's Bridal, among others, is being done in an effort to increase sales.  Shoppers have been increasingly buying online and the new mannequins are being used to help divert more sales back to brick and mortar stores.  The Times also wrote that, "...42% of customers recently say something on a mannequin influences whether they buy it. In fact, mannequins ranked just behind friends and family in terms of influence." mann.jpg?w=620 For the fashion industry, the use of "realistic" mannequins is simply an effort to bring in more revenue.  Mannequins have been labeled as quiet sales people and the theory behind the changes is that women are more apt to buy clothing that is on a mannequin that looks more like themselves. There also might be more to the new mannequin trend than just cold hard cash.  The average shape of a woman has drastically changed over the years.  In an attempt to facilitate sales to all women are these mannequins a sign that we are normalizing the obesity epidemic?  Or perhaps have stores finally understood that not all of their shoppers are the same size?  Whatever may be the case, retailers have finally understood that understanding reality brings in more revenue.

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