New Year, Old You? Why Some Are Resolving to Love Their Bodies Instead of Changing Them

When a new year rolls around, we are all thinking about self improvement and bringing a "newer" version of ourselves into the new year. 0 But... what if we are happier with the "old us?" According to NowToronto, there's nothing wrong with the old you-if you love it. Instead, for 2015, you should resolve to love your body. "We want to break away from the soul-crushing onslaught of negative New Year's resolutions - eat less, lose weight, spend every waking moment at the gym - and promote feeling good about the skin you're in." On their Facebook page, they wrote, "While weight loss and fitness conglomerates would have you believe "healthy" looks like a size 6 or bulging biceps, good health doesn't discriminate based on size or body shape. Wellness is about respecting and caring for the body you're born with, not forcing it into an unrealistic cookie-cutter mould. In 2015, love your body." 0 This article has been super mixed with emotions, as you could believe. I believe that loving your body is a fantastic New Year's resolution to abide by! However, I believe that eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, getting enough rest, and being a HEALTHY body fat percentage are all a part of self-love. It does not have shit to do with how you look. Well, I guess it can.. but as long as you are doing the right things and taking care of your body, mind, and soul the right way, then you are loving yourself. Period. Photos via Now Toronto Want to make the committment to become the best, healthiest version of you? Click the image below for free diet and workout plans to begin! URLSmall

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