Are new year resolutions superfluous?

Happy new year everybody! Every beginning of  new year they are  in conversation. Resolutions! What about you? Do you plugged goals? Before two years I set a big resolution. Losing weight! How it finished? After 6 month I was 22 kilos lighter.  Last year I set the next big goal. Get more strength & endurance! I reached that too. Stairs rise  up to third floor without collapse upstairs. No Problem for me! Master the climbing wall in our therapy practice with the kids? It´s a joke for me now. My new goal? Wear crop tops this summer! My stomach has never been properly fixed again since pregnancy. By training in the last year has improved a lot. But the very last cut still missing yet .


Here are a few suggestions with which it is easier to me:

  • Select only one realistic intent.
  • Divide it into smaller intentions.
  • Set destination dates.
  • Formulate your intention concretely in handwriting.
  • Hang them easily visible .
  • You have to reward youself. Do never despair if something goes wrong!  Don´t give up it was only a mistake.
  • Set yourself punishments.

This is my:


I'm totally curious about your resolutions for this year.

If your resolution is to get in the best shape of your life, you've come to the right place!


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