New York Photographer Documents Everyday "Casual Racism"

Although the overt racist symbols like burning crosses and "separate but equal" facilities might be a thing of the past, racism itself is not.  It has only been replaced with a more subtle and casual form of bigotry. article-0-1A648CE900000578-499_306x423 article-0-1A648CF700000578-869_306x423 For one art student at Fordham University, Kiyun Kim, it became such an issue that she felt she couldn't ignore it.  Kiyum's project is called "Racial Microaggression' and it is centered on bringing light to the understated instances of people's close-mindedness. article-0-1A648D0700000578-553_306x423 article-0-1A648CFB00000578-97_306x423 The term ‘racial microaggression’ was coined in 1970 by psychiatrist Dr. Chester Pierce to describe subtle remarks or actions that exhibit a hostile or disparaging attitude towards members of racial minorities.  While some of the statements shown may not be driven by hatred they are an example of how often we speak without understanding or stopping to think about how our words will affect others. article-0-1A648CFF00000578-497_306x423 article-0-1A648D0B00000578-602_306x423 Kiyum wrote on her tumblr account that the project is aimed at getting people thinking about how they interact with others and what affects their words have as well as encouraging sensitivity. article-0-1A648CF300000578-129_306x423 article-0-1A648CEE00000578-80_306x423 How we speak and what we say have implications far beyond what is racist...we pass judgment on others simply because of their physical appearance, the clothes they wear, the way the speak.  Words can be the most damaging of all...far more damaging than a gun or knife...words leave scars on the soul.  Something for us all to remember.

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