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We get it, no one really likes burpees -- they are absolutely miserable. But, the thing is, they are also incredibly effective! Burpees are a powerful way to strengthen every muscle in your body while providing a healthy dose of cardio! So while you may want to curse and scream, or even quit, when they show up in your program, they go a long way to increasing your fitness levels! It's time to do away with all the hate and negativity! Here are a few reasons why you should actually LOVE burpees: nextlevelburpeeinfo Now that you understand why you  should  love burpees, it's time to give one a shot. This isn't just your run of the mill, boring, burpee! This burpee mountain climber takes things to the next level! To get more from this move (and all your workouts, really), be sure to wear your BodyRock weighted vest. It will add extra resistance to all of your movements, increasing your burn, without you having to change a single thing! And because a fit lifestyle is such positive, life altering experience, we want to help you empower other people to get on board! Give the gift of fitness to a friend, family member, or loved one! When you buy a BodyRock 6lb weighted vest, we will send you a second one, for free, to give to someone else! The only thing better than reaching your fitness goal is helping someone else reach theirs! This is too good to keep to yourself. Get your vests here! 6weightedvestGTGOF Alright, now you're ready! Begin in a standing position, quickly drop down, planting your hands on the floor and kicking your feet out behind you so that you're in a straight arm plank position. Perform mountain climbers by bringing one knee toward your chest while the other leg stays straight. Rapidly alternate legs for a count of 10. Remember to keep your core engaged, your hips down and your back straight! Once your 10 count is complete, jump both legs toward your hands, and pressing through your heels, come to standing. Jump, bringing your arms up straight and over your head. Return to the start and repeat. You can use this move in place of regular burpees or throw it into your routine when you are looking for that little extra effort. Take a look:  

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