Nick Jonas's Sexy, Ripped Transformation Revealed

Nick Jonas was once a Disney pop star, the baby of the Jonas Brother trio. An innocent kid with incredible vocal talent and a squeaky clean reputation.   Now Nick, 22, has become a ripped, rugged, raw sex symbol. Often shirtless and always smouldering, Nick has managed to leave his Mickey House days far, far behind. nick-jonas-flaunt-lead-10030204-400x470 Nick started his singing career at the age of 7, preforming in musicals on Broadway. At 10, he and his older brothers Kevin and Joe formed a band and took the tweeny-bopper market by storm. The boys openly admitted that they didn't drink, smoke or even swear. And they were proud of their decision to not engage in premarital sex. jonas-c Through tours, movies, and a reported relationship with Miley Cyrus (before her twerking days), Nick was ready to call it quits with the band in 2013 and pursue his own solo career. Nick shed his purity ring last year, symbolizing that he is "now an adult in all ways" and subsequently shocking fans. The buff star revealed his new fit physique and has attributed those sexy muscles to his specially designed workout routine. jon   "I worked with a trainer who showed me some things that I can take with me on the road. Basically, it’s circuit training, so about six exercises, all targeting different parts of the body and then following it up with a two-minute cardio burnout." Nick tells Mens Health.  nick-jonas-flaunt-mag-ass-crack-2014-billboard-510 Nick has always been open about being diabetic, and says working out can raise his blood sugar. Eating a post-workout lean protein snack helps to build his muscles while carbohydrates lower his sugar levels.  Nick nearly shut down Instagram when he recently posted this steaming shirtless shot of his new bod. Ba_ELO5IcAAhqyW He recently released a new album and is to star in a movie coming out later this year in which, rumour has it, he will be naked. Are you as excited as I am? What do you think of Nick's hot transformation? Let us know!

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