No equipment? No Worries!

When it comes to working out often the same excuses come up and one familiar one is 'I just don't have all the equipment'

Working out with equipment is definitely a great addition to any workout and I do often use weights but it’s good to know that if you get stuck there are options to still get a sweat up! Sometimes you may be caught off guard and instead of automatically thinking 'Ahhh well, no equipment no workout' you can absolutely still workout. This workout is ideal if you are away for work stuck in a hotel or on holiday and don't have your usual home set-up. The fab thing is, all you need is a chair! This workout really targets the glutes, quads, tricep and chest and involves 7 exercises. I suggest that you try for 50 second of each exercise followed by 10 seconds rest and go for 3 rounds. All done in just over 20 minutes. Either have a look through my explanations below or go straight to the video link below. Exercise 1 - Chair get ups - Right Start sitting on a chair and raise your left leg in front of you. Now with your right leg on the ground push your butt off the chair whilst balancing your left leg in front of you. Try to keep your left leg as high as you can and really turn on your glutes to power up. Sit back and go again. For some extra cardio add a little hop at the end as you get up from chair. Exercise 2 - Elevated tricep Dips This exercise is a little more challenging than a standard tricep dip as you are adding your bodyweight into your dip. Place both feet on your chair and get into a position where your hands are underneath your shoulders and your body is facing upwards. Lift your butt up so as you lower into a tricep dip you are getting a full range of the dip without your butt hitting the floor  Exercise 3 - Chair get ups - Left Repeat Exercise 1 on Left leg Exercise 4 - Elevated Push Up with leg lift Place both feet on the chair and get into a press up position. Lower into one press-up then keeping your legs straight raise the right leg in the air, place back down on chair and then raise Left Exercise 5 - Step Ups - Right leg Start with both feet on top of chair in standing position. Lower your right leg to floor (keeping left leg on the chair) then raise right leg back up to chair tucking your knee into chest. Repeat at a good speed lowering right leg again and continue. Exercise 6 - Chair Jumping jacks Rest your elbows on the chair and start with legs inwards. Jump legs to jumping jack position and jump back in. Make sure you are engaging your core whilst doing this exercise to take any pressure from your lower back. Exercise 7 - Step Ups - Left Leg Repeat Exercise 5 on Left leg Below is a link for a short You tube video to show you each exercise, Enjoy and I'll be back with you soon, Han x      

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