No Excuses: How One Woman Lost 75 Pounds While Working 3 Jobs!

Felicia Greenwald had maintained a relatively steady weight throughout her early life. It wasn't until college when she began to notice she was packing on the pounds. Living on cafeteria food, becoming too busy to fit in a good workout and increased stressed evidently was to blame.

Following college, Felicia met a man and they developed a mutual love of food. Going out to eat was their favourite date night, and calorie-rich meals were always on the menu.

"Over the course of our five-month relationship, my weight went up 40 pounds, bringing me to 235 pounds." Felicia explains.

The couple broke up, and Felicia channeled her heartbreak into physical activity. She went on a family hike and noticed a slight drop her in weight afterwards, and that triggered a change in her lifestyle.

"I stopped drinking soda and started sipping water, cutting back on fast food, preparing my own meals, and exercising at least five days a week." says Felicia.

She began juicing and making filling smoothies loaded with veggies for when she didn't have time to cook. She signed up for a high intensity interval training program with a friend, and became addicted to the feeling after she completed a workout.

Stresses threatened to push her back into her old habits when she started running her own business while working 2 other jobs. She powered through, finding support in her HIIT classes. The result: a 75 pound weight loss. And she hasn't stopped there!

"I'm still doing the program, I work out on my own when I can't make it to class and focus on the moves I learned there. I've also kept up my healthy eating habits and even allow myself some indulgences from time to time. Today, I weigh 160 pounds." Felicia says proudly. "By losing weight, I've come out of my shell and gained a ton of confidence."

Felicia recommends finding to workout wherever, whenever for even 10 minutes a day. And to stay committed to a healthy routine no matter what.

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