No One Rocks Their Fitness In A Sheer Dress Like J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez always looks fierce, and her go to sheer dresses show off just how hard she pushes her personal fitness. she At 45, the pop icon, dancer, sex symbol, actress and mom of 2 has a sculpted booty and rock hard body that never quits. The "Booty" singer hits it hard at the gym to keep her goddess physique. jennifer-lopez-sheer-gold-dress-billboard-awards-2013-h724   "[I'm like] a fighter, going into the ring. I do my cardio and I do my workouts with the Tracy Anderson Method," Jennifer says about her intense regime. Tracy Anderson is J. Lo's personal trainer, an advocate for pushing clients through intense workouts. Jen hits her cardio and circuit training workouts full force for that firm, fierce toned up look. article-0-139E1BDB000005DC-289_634x413 Jennifer shows off her sexy legs in this sheer red carpet look, proving the results of Tracy's teachings. jennifer-lopez-sheer-gold-dress-americal-idol-2014-h724 The triple threat star keeps her partying to a minimum, while maintaining a sugar and salt free diet. Her glowing skin is proof of the benefits of her diligence in this hot look. jennifer-lopez-sheer-white-dress-carousel-of-hope-2010-h724 "It's a job — you've got to buckle down." she tells Us Magazine. jennifer-lopez-sheer-white-lace-dress-golden-globes-2013-h724 Jen has a positive body image which fuels her confidence in baring (almost) all in these smoking nude looks. She embraces the changes her body went through when having her twins. She pushes herself to her limit, but doesn't pressure herself. She stresses the importance of having a killer workout, but doesn't nearly kill herself to hit her goals. jennifer-lopez-sheer-dress-vanity-fair-oscars-party-2015-h724   Jen's advice for working out? "You have to switch it up to keep your body and yourself fresh." jennn   There's no slowing down this toned, strong sex pot who continues to tear it up on stage and at the gym. We're loving J. Lo's fit and fierce frame! Can you say #bodygoals! Tell us what you this of the fine toned 40 something!

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