8 Benefits of Tea

Sure, you have heard recently that drinking four cups a coffee a day can help increase your chances of fighting off cancer cells; but have you heard the amazing benefits of Tea? I am not just talking about tea bags that you make unsweet or sweet iced tea with.  I am referring to loose leaf teas that you steep for a specified amount of time. There are many varieties of tea: White, Green, Oolong, Black, Mate (Pronounced Mah-te), Pu’erh, Rooibos and herbal.  Each tea has properties that can help you with your diet and exercise goals.  Below I will give you a brief guideline on what each tea’s benefit is and how it can work for you. White tea: May help reduce the risk of arthritis, colon cancer, and wrinkles.  Also has high anti-cancer properties Green tea: Link to prevention of breast, lung, and stomach cancer.  Also has highest level of antioxidants of all teas and may help burn excess visceral (belly) fat. Oolong tea: May help increase metabolism and help reduce body fat. Black tea:  Helps lower blood pressure and great coffee alternative as it is high in caffeine. Pu’reh: Helps to control blood sugar levels. Mate: Helps you to feel full and promotes weight loss.  Also is associated with higher bone density Herbal: There are many health properties of herbal teas depending on which you choose to consume.  Chamomile is a great sleep inducer, peppermint aids in digestion and lavender sooths and calms Rooibos:  Helps reduce stress and protect the heart Now that you know some of the benefits of tea, try to incorporate this into your regular diet and exercise routine. You can mix and match the teas to provide a strong anti-oxidant blend.  I typically have a green tea in the afternoon to wake me up and add a few white tea leaves to the brew to provide anti-cancer properties.

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