Why No One Wins When Love Is A Game

Most of us are familiar with the 'rules' of dating. Don't text back for at least 3 hours. Don't be too eager. Don't make the first move, that's desperate. Millennial dating isn't about connecting with each other or spending real, quiet, quality time with someone who makes you happy. It is like some weird, harsh, elimination style battle to the death. The problem is, when you play like this, no one wins. We are so busy playing it cool that we don't even notice that we are destroying potentially wonderful relationships before they even start. And why? What's the point? Do we really need to feel that much power? Do we need to prove ourselves so badly? Why does it always feel like the one who is the most withholding wins? Dating should be about finding and spending time with someone you enjoy. Not everything you pursue needs to have some deep connection that will last forever. Just having fun is more than okay. Steamy flings are great sometimes, especially when you are young and unattached but playing with people to magnify your own sense of worth is not even close to okay. Maybe that's why we seem to like these games so much. They make us feel important, desired and in control. We shouldn't be with people we have to manipulate into spending time with us. Isn't better to have someone choose us over spending time with friends because that is what they would rather do? Someone spending time with you out of a sense of obligation or fear shouldn't be your aim. Trickery should not be your method. Time to stop talking to someone you aren't interested in to make the one you ARE interested in feel jealous. Just talk to the one you are interested in. In the end, you are going to not only hurt the person you are playing, you are going to hurt yourself! You are going to rob yourself of great experiences by pretending that you don't care about something you actually do care about. It isn't cool to pretend that nothing matters. Lose this contest. Be brave enough to speak your mind. h/t: Elite Daily

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