No Sugar Two Week Challenge !! - YES I CAN !!

Hello Everyone So we are still working towards changing our habits to support our goals & new healthier lifestyle !! I need you to be strong & take this challenge on. By the third week we really start to see changes happen - so lets start with two weeks & do it together. Lets start with cutting out a massive part of a bad diet ... sugar .... 2 weeks .. no sugar !! Its going to be hard but Sooooo worth it !! This challenge will help us do just that by essentially removing all of the junk. I hope that you will follow me on this challenge. Don’t leave me in this by myself. I want to know that there are other people in this world who will say no to every treat, chocolate and sugar in general for the next 14 days. If I can do this, then you can too !!! I will post my progress on my Facebook everyday. We will reward ourselves with something nice that will always remind us of our strong will. I will reward myself with a treat. I was thinking that maybe some new fancy trainers oooooooooo !!! The reason why I am doing this is because lately I have been eating naughty little treats almost on a daily basis. Not much, a small bit here and there – but it is happening more often then is good for me. It’s quite an addictive little ritual, so I have decided to break this habit before it really takes hold. The other thing is that we are really focusing down on our fitness for the summer – and a big part of getting the results we want will be tightening up on our diets. This challenge will help us do just that by essentially removing all of the junk. If it’s cold and damp outside, it can have a negative impact on your mood, so it’s important to keep your energy high and push through it and an intense workout can be just the thing to help with this. I know that working out on days like this might be the last thing you want to do, but just imagine how much better you will feel after the workout and after your shower. Then you can crawl into your comfortable bed with a cup of hot tea and relax with a great mood and feeling of accomplishment. Trust me – that’s the best. Get out, get active .... and no excuses ... Make it happen today. Love Always L xx   Click Here For More Motivation    

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