Personal Trainer Responds to Criticisms of her Body With THIS Powerful Video

  Personal trainer, Cassey Ho, hit the ball out of the park a few months back when she made this video in response to criticisms of her body that were made online. Have look: Powerful, to say the least. The video ends with the question, "What would you change?" and no doubt, many of you had an answer. Some of you may have found yourself with a list. It is normal and natural to be unhappy with elements of our bodies. I'd like to be taller. I wish my breasts were perkier. I'd like to be thinner. Sometime what we want to change is within our ability to control. Sometimes, it isn't. I can be thinner, I can never be taller, for example. The trouble with these desires arises when we believe we 'have' to change these things in order to look the way we believe others want us to. Just this past weekend, a drunk woman in a local bar called me fat. She then laughed with her friends about it. I told her she had no class and walked out. I found a quiet place around the corner, and, although I'm loathe to admit it, I cried. My friends tried to comfort me by speaking the truth and reminding me that her opinion didn't matter but instantly I had felt like the 12 year old girl who was called Sumo on the school yard. Facts didn't matter. It didn't matter in that moment that I am not fat. I'm a size 10. That isn't thin but it is far from fat. I've lost 60 pounds over the last few years and look the best I ever have and yet, those comments reduced me to tears. I was convinced, in that moment, that everyone who looks at me thinks I'm fat. I was convinced that that woman's opinion was the only opinion. I went to bed Saturday night feeling horrible about myself. Sunday morning, I had a super healthy breakfast and went for a run. My life is a journey toward being the best version of myself I can be. I cannot, and will not, allow someone's cruelty and ignorance to stop me. [bctt tweet="Personal Trainer Responds to Criticisms of her Body With THIS Powerful Video"] It is so hard to fight the opinion of others. It is hard to not believe that we are 'supposed' to look a certain way. Everywhere we look, male or female, we are bombarded with images of 'perfection.' Most of us can't get there without cheating in a big way -- as seen in the video above. Even if you were able to attain someone else's definition of perfect, you probably won't be happy. Tell me that Ho looks happy at the end of that video. If you have something you'd like to change about yourself, do it if it will make you happy. But don't you dare do it for anyone else. And don't you let someone else's opinion stop you. Remember that the images you see everywhere are images. In most cases, they don't even come close to representing reality. Someone's idea of you, someone's opinion about how you look and how you should look, amounts to nothing. Your opinion is the only one that really counts. Love who you are. Love the things you'd like to change. I love my thighs, for example. They have some stretch marks, a little cellulite. They definitely touch -- no thigh gaps for me. I'd like them to be firmer and I'm working on it but until then, they are MINE and I can't help but love them. My body is strong. It is powerful. It is pleasure giving and pleasure receiving. It is beautiful. It is beautiful because I say so. Remember, you're beautiful too. Does it really matter if someone else thinks you should be thinner? Leaner? Bulkier? Does it actually change who you are as a person? Only if you allow it to. I think you're stronger than that. Are you someone who is quick to point out another's 'faults?' Why? I'm not going to get into stones and glass houses with you but why exactly is that you believe your idea about how someone should look is important to share?  You don't get to decide how someone else should walk through this world any more than someone gets to decide for you. If someone is carrying a few extra pounds, does it really make a difference to your life? Stop and think first. If it doesn't impact the trajectory of your life, leave it be. Be strong. Be loving. Improve what you can, embrace what you can't. And so now I ask you again, what would you change? Source: The Hollywood Gossip    

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