Nobody Can Believe This Woman's Age! Find Out Why

BodyRockers, I want you to meet Deanna. She is one of our newest trainers and actually, we found her the same way we found me! I was an avid BodyRocker, and I sent in my picture and kept commenting and liking all things BodyRock. I really wanted to get more involved with this community, and the people we end up working with are all really engaged, really positive, and Deanna is no exception.

Nobody can guess Deanna's age, and she does not work out for hours and hours each day, and she does not have a tough-to-follow diet!

The most amazing thing about the kind of workouts we have at BodyRock, which are high intensity interval training workouts, is how effective they are. All you need to do is your 12 minute workout and then, even better, do the 6 minute Burnout to do extra work on one area, and boom -- that's it. 18 minutes. You can even do 12 minutes if you're in a hurry.

That is all that I do, and all that Deanna does. People think we are Superhuman, but honestly, it's as simple as setting aside 12 minutes a day.

Short bursts of intense activity and then rest. That's it, as long as you are also putting good things into your body, you will see enormous results from this workout method.

Watch the Video Now (above)!!

Go to the featured video above and watch what she says about staying healthy and what works for her! If you loved the video, get more of Deanna -- five days of Deanna's workouts and burnouts to be exact. She is a wonderful presence in your life. She is strong, grounded, and inspiring. You've seen her philosophy, now let her kick your butt!!

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If you want more of Deanna, which I'm sure you do, check out the challenge below. If you sign up for SweatFlix, which is free for 30 days, you can do this 5 day challenge for free!! ~ Lisa xx

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SweatFlix is 30 days for free. Deanna's challenge is 5 days long. You do the math! ;)

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