Why Having Or Not Having Kids Is Nobody's Business But Your Own

There is a wave of women out there who are unashamed to say they choose not to have children. Not now, not in the future, not ever. These women are not "cold" or "overly career-driven". They live lives filled with activity, adventure and passion, lives that they don't feel a family would fit in. And that's okay.

Then there are women who choose the child path. They want to share their love and knowledge with their own little family, and take the joys of parenthood with the struggles. The also live lives full of activity, adventure and passion both with their youngsters and outside of their family realm.

Both of these types of women are women. There is nothing about not having babies that makes you less of a woman, just as giving birth does not make you more of a woman. Womanhood is a separate entity from motherhood. Children are a choice, and whether you choose one way or another is not really anyone's business but your own.

For childless women, they undergo a barrage of curious comments: "I'm sure you'll change your mind and have a baby someday." "Maybe if you have a baby, you'll change your mind." (What?) "I guess your dog/cat is your baby."

And for women with children, they endure things like: "What about your career?" "Don't you want something more in life?" or for working moms "Don't you feel guilty?", "You're going to wear yourself out!"

The honest truth is whatever you choose in life is nobody's business but yours.

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